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Known for her excuse-free, self-rewarding work ethic, the founder, and CEO of 3K9 Productions is mastering the art of maintaining a successful career as an Award-Winning Music Producer, Independent Artist, Actress, Author and Entrepreneur.


As a native of the Southside (Roseland area) of Chicago, Aina Brei’Yon personifies strength. Since her conception, she has made it very clear that boundaries do not apply to her. Early on in her career, she understood the importance of being true to who she is and embracing idealism. Her reality is defined by her beliefs; a message that transcends through her music and all of her creative endeavors. As the second to youngest of 10 children, self-expression and showing any type of emotion was simply non-existent in their family. She says, “I found an outlet with music at the young age of nine. Writing was the only way I knew how to express myself.”


As a creator of experiences, Aina’s talent of using her music and visuals to tell her stories has presented her with several opportunities to open up for acts such as J.Holiday, Talib Kweli, Soulja Boy, Keith Murray, Crucial Conflict, Sammie, and B2K. In the last two years, Aina finds herself sharing the stage with Miguel, HER, Rapsody and a plethora of headliners, opening up shows such as One Music Festival and headlining stages during A3C, SXSW and Long Beach Pride.  Her audience consists of multi-generational like-minded male and female individuals who find themselves embracing the energy of Aina Brei’Yon. Her continued focus on sharing her talents with the world has allowed her to speak on panels hosted by TuneCore, Google and entertainment focused brands. She’s represented brands such as the AT&T Dream in Black campaign during the REVOLT Hip Hop Summit in 2019.


I am a creator. I don’t rap. I don’t sing. I create and raise vibrations. When the world sees you one way, they believe that’s the only way you should be. I can’t be boxed in. God did not put my gift in a box with a pretty little bow on it. When I create, I create from whatever I’m feeling at the moment. No rules. No limitations. No image to protect. That’s the only true form of freedom... The freedom to stand in your truth,” says Aina Brei’Yon.


With more than two decades of entertainment experience under her belt, the passion for her craft heavily manifests through her professional resume and displays an extreme dedication to her limitless talents. From writing and performing her profound lyrics to landing relevant roles and appearances in several screenplays and web-series, to self-publishing her very own recipe book,  the sequence of Aina Brei’Yon’s career-related events has made her one of the most well-known and self-taught featured independent artists of today.

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